Good Credit is critical when it comes to obtaining the best interest rates and terms on a mortgage……….

 Do Stay Current on Existing Accounts -  One 30-day notice can cost you.

 Do Continue to Use Your Credit As Normal - Changing your pattern will raise
    a red flag and lower your credit score.

 Do Call A Recommended Mortgage Professional - before making any address
    or credit changes.

 Don’t Apply for New Credit - Every time you have you credit pulled by a
    potential lender, you may lose points from your credit score, including signing
    for a loan.

 Don’t Close Credit Card Accounts - if you close a credit card account, it may
    appear that your debt ratio has gone up. Closing a card will affect other factors
    in the score, including credit history.

 Don’t Max Out Credit Cards - Try to keep your credit card balances 30% below
    their limit during the loan process.

 Don’t Pay Off Collections or “Charge-Offs” - If you want to pay off old accounts,
    do it through escrow. Request a “letter of deletion” from the creditor.

 Don’t Consolidate Your Debt - When you consolidate all of your debt onto one
    or two credit cards, it will appear that you are “maxed out” on that card and you
    will be penalized.